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From Mumbai to Melbourne: Omkar Vechalekar Pursuing cricket dreams in Australia

MELBOURNE: As part of the Multicultural Action Plan to foster diversity and inclusivity, Cricket Australia is proud to announce the launch of “People in Cricket” Season 2.

This initiative aims to spotlight the remarkable journeys of multicultural cricket enthusiasts contributing to Australian cricket.

Building upon the success of Season 1, which unveiled the untold stories of nine passionate South Asians making strides in Australian cricket, Season 2 will introduce 10 more individuals from diverse backgrounds who are making valuable contributions across the country.

Among these inspiring individuals is Omkar Vechalekar, whose journey from Mumbai to Melbourne reflects his unwavering dedication to the sport. Embracing cricket as his primary language, Omkar currently serves as a Multicultural Participation Specialist at Cricket Victoria.

In his role, Omkar not only bridges connections between multicultural communities and Australian cricket but also actively fosters the growth of the game within Australia.

“Cricket has a unique ability to bring people together regardless of their culture and background, It makes you learn about different people and their stories.

“Australia is such a diverse country and Cricket is an important part of building that connection.”



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