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Akhuwat Foundation fundraising dinner was organized in Melbourne

MELBOURNE: Fundraising dinner was organized for the Akhuwat Foundation by the Pakistani community in Melbourne, Australia.

Founder and Chief Executive of Akhuwat Foundation Dr. Amjad Saqib participated as a chief guest. On this occasion, Department of Justice and Community Safety Victoria, Australia’s Justice for Peace Rana Shahid Javed, Consulate General Syed Moazzam Shah, Labor Member for Glen Waverley John Mullahy, Social activist in Australia Dr. Shahbaz, including the Pakistani community living in Australia participated in large numbers.

While speaking Dr. Amjad Saqib said that out of millions of people on this earth, this work has been entrusted to us. There is a difference in education between the West and us. How will the child of a mother who has no money get an education? Even today m two crore children are out of school in Pakistan.

Children from all over the country are studying in Akhuwat University. 15 percent students come from each province. We are giving interest free loans. Dr. Amjad Saqib also founded the Friends of Akhuwat Foundation in Australia.

Rana Shahid Javed said that overseas Pakistani are full of patriotic spirit. Whenever there was a difficult time in Pakistan, overseas Pakistani, especially Pakistani living in Australia, supported wholeheartedly. Akhuwat Foundation’s services are unforgettable.



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