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GSV Kamyab Jawan Sports drive to revive football, Usman Dar

ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to Prime Minister (SAPM) Usman Dar believes youth and sports were part of each other, saying the Global Soccer Ventures (GSV) in collaboration with Kamyab Jawan Sports drive would aid in reviving the game of football in the country.

According to APP news agency Global Soccer Ventures (GSV) Nex Gen Soccer Trials in collaboration with Kamyab Jawan Sports Drive would hold trials in the country for the youth to come forward in the game of football.
“The revival of sports is the top priority of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

I welcome GSV in their efforts for reviving football in Pakistan. PM’s Kamyab Jawan Program together with GSV will ensure that through football talent hunt we will produce the next football heroes who will represent Pakistan nationally and internationally,” he said in a press conference here on Monday.

“According to a report of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) 90 percent of the youth didn’t have access to sports. A lot of work needs to be done on sports in the country.”
He said he had special attraction towards the game of football as his son was very much a football lover and knew a lot about the game and international football players. “But one day my son stopped playing football and bought a cricket bat and kit home instead, saying nobody wants to play football with him. That is the reason I want to work on football. Under the Kamyab Jawan programme we have got Rs 2,000 million for sports. We are making 12 academies and one high performance center in the country. Talent hunt programmes are being conducted in 10 cities,” he said.

He said under this football drive 20 kids would be taken to St Patrick’s club, Ireland which was a very good initiative and a total of 5,000 pounds would be spent on every kid.

“We want the sportspersons of Pakistan to get a platform and we want sports to get an economy status. We are also bringing in sports scholarships,” he said.

Dar also lauded Lahore Qalandars to support the Kamyab Jawan programme and bringing cricket talent to fore. “I also appeal the federations and all stakeholders to leave egos behind and work for the betterment of sports as at the end of the day no federation or minister will win but our country,” he said.

Rawalpindi Express Shoaib Akhtar said he remembers his parents giving me a football and telling him to pose for a picture in his childhood. “Kamyab Jawan programme is a great initiative for youth and sports. The most popular sports was football until Imran Khan came and took cricket to fame,” he said.

Yasir Mahmood, Chairman of GSV said, “Football is here to stay for the right reasons to develop and provide an opportunity for Pakistani players. With Akhtar as an iconic cricket legend well regarded around the world will help play a transitional role in making football become on top of the minds of our nation”.

Allison Blackburne, British Deputy High Commissioner said: “Football is not just a sport, for many in the UK it’s a way of life, and it would be great to see it become more popular in sport-loving Pakistan. I’m delighted that talented young players here in Pakistan will have this opportunity provided by GSV to learn from some of the best UEFA coaches through St Patrick’s Athletic Football Club”

Karel Freaye, Belgian UEFA licensed coach said, “Football is for everyone and I am looking for talent with potential to develop and grow into professional players in Europe. I am really excited to see what football technical excellence Pakistan has to offer with football as I see trial registrations rising by the hour”.

Garret Kelleher, President of St. Patrick’s Football Club said, ‘It is simply wonderful that the resources are now being put in place in Pakistan to allow football inspiring those with a passion for the game to fulfil their dreams and aspirations just like Shoaib Akhtar has in the world of cricket representing Pakistan at the highest level”.

Zeeshan Yousuf, CEO of itel said, “The world’s most popular sport with 4 billion fans around the world is about ignite Pakistan’s football. It is the most spectacular and universal sport. What excites me the most about this legacy project of GSV is the prospect of changing lives of 20 successful kids will be on a life-changing journey to Europe.

Pakistani talent has the once in a lifetime opportunity to get groomed and secure professional contracts to take on the world, as they get set to represent Pakistan internationally. How fantastic is that”.

The SAPM along with FIFA certified international coaches would inaugurate the football talent hunt drive under the Kamyab Jawan Program here at the Pakistan Sports Complex on Tuesday.



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