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More than 2000 clubs, academies applied for registration with PFF

LAHORE: The preliminary progress for the election of the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) has practically started as more than 2,000 clubs and academies have applied for registration in the ‘Pakistan Football Connect’ program.

According to PFF Normalisation Committee press release, more than 1500 administrators have received the responses of the NC through emails while the process of verifying the information provided by the clubs and academies is in progress.

“After the completion of this process, the applicants will be given direct access to the website through emails.”

He added that the registration process would determine the actual structure of Pakistan football clubs, coaches and officials, on the basis of which the FIFA-nominated Normalization Committee will complete the PFF election process as per its mandate.

Normalization Committee Chairman Haroon Malik, in a statement, said that ‘Pakistan Football Connect’ will play the key role in the fair and transparent elections. “We are moving towards an integrated system which will have far-reaching consequences on the future of Pakistan football.”

Saud Hashmi, a member of the Normalization Committee and the head of Pakistan Football Connect, said that the special office established in Karachi is providing all possible facilities to the football community for the registration process. “I welcome the expressions of interest from clubs and academies and I hope in future, they will be the real stakeholders of Pakistan football.

“Through the Pakistan Football Connect, we are entering into a new era that is the era of Pakistani footballers, officials and coaches, who will be recognized all across the world for their talent and expertise and their services can be hired by any professional football club worldwide.

As soon as we systemize Pakistan football through this program, every talented Pakistani footballer will have a very bright future ahead,” he added.



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