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Defending Champions Netherlands make a stunning comeback to clinch their fifth Junior Women’s World Cup title

LAUSANNE: Guts, Gumption, Glory! Today, every Dutch must have felt stones under their feet and walls around them sweat in anticipation.

Netherlands vs Argentina [Full-Time Score: 2-2 (Shoot-out Score: 4-1)]

Fierce competition, sheer adrenaline rush, and some great hockey, probably these were the things that defined the final of the Women’s Junior World Cup. Mikki Roberts, what a player! A player who turned the game in a few minutes with her two brilliant PC conversions, announcing herself on the world stage.

Zoe Diaz and Valentina Raposo’s goals put Argentina up by 2-0 in the first half, but the second half belonged to the Netherlands. Interestingly, all four goals in the match came off penalty corners.

Dutch custodian Sophia Ter Kuile showed her calmness and precision as she saved the first two shootouts while her teammates converted all four chances that they got, making sure they returned home with that glittering trophy.

“When we went inside the dressing after being 2-0 down, we were still confident that we can win this. Everyone came out strong and gave their best. Probably we all have played one of the best games of our lives,” said Player of the Match Mikki Roberts.

Result: Final

Netherlands 2-2 Argentina (Shoot-out Score: 4-1)

Player of the Match: Mikki Roberts (NED)



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