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Labor Party promotes multiculturalism always: Dr Shahbaz Ch

MELBOURNE: Active leader of Pakistani community in Australia and member of Labor Party Victoria Dr Shahbaz Ch. hosted Iftaar dinner  in honour of Members of Federal Parliament, Members of Victorian Parliament, Pakistani community and Afghan community leaders.

Julian Hill, MP. Australian Parliament, Justice of the Peace and active member of Labor Party Rana Shahid Javed, Matt Fregon, MP Deputy Speaker,  Victorian Parliament, Lee Tarlamas MP Victorian Parliament, John Mullahey MP. Victorian Parliament, Eden Foster- Victorian Parliament and many more joined.

Dr Shahbaz Ch said Labor Party always promoted multiculturalism, it fights for the rights of immigrants. Labor Party is doing great job to facilitate Labors and immigrants, to give them good education and other facilities. Most of Pakistani community is part of Labor Party and they love it.

He added, All members of parliament cares of Pakistani community. Labor Party stands with Pakistani community in any trouble.



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