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PFF Declares Unsanctioned PFL Illegal

MELBOURNE: The Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) has categorically stated that the franchise-based Pakistan Football League (PFL), which is claimed to be held in the next month, is an illegal event as per its statutes and has not been sanctioned by the federation.

The PFF is the sole governing body for football in Pakistan duly affiliated with FIFA and the AFC.

The PFF’s authority is reinforced by the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) vide its letter dated September 9, 2014, according to which the government only engages with national sports federations recognized by their respective international bodies.

Participating in, organizing, or supporting any football event not sanctioned by the PFF is a clear violation of Article 82 of the PFF constitution and could lead to disciplinary measures.

Furthermore, the PFF emphasized that it encourages any project aimed at genuine football development in the country, provided it is duly approved by the federation.



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