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Stardom of Babar Azam Fade Off in Mega Cricket Events



No doubt Babar Azam is big player of Pakistan Cricket but it is observed that his performance fade off in the mega cricket event infront of rivalry cricket teams. If we talk about Asia Cup 2022 and T20 WC 2022 when Babar Azam failed to scored with average batting line even in the few matches Babar Azam appeared duck out. In the Asia Cup 2022 Babar scored 10 runs against India, 9 runs against Hong Kong, 14 runs against India, 0 run against Afghanistan, 30 runs agains Sri Lanka and in the final of Asia Cup 2022 Babar scored just 5 runs against Sri Lanka.

In the T20 WC 2022 Babar duck out against India, he scored 5 runs against Zimbabwe, 4 runs against Netherlands, 6 runs against South Africa, 25 runs against Bangladesh, 53 runs against New Zealand and 32 runs in the final of T20 Wc against England that England won by 5 wickets.

Before Asia Cup 2023 Babar Azam played average betting against Afghanistan in the ODI Series in which he scored 0 run , 53 runs & 60 runs respectively but in the Asia Cup 2023 he scored 151 runs against Nepal that is not considerable, although he scored 17 runs against Bangladesh and 10 runs against India. These stats of Babar Azam raised many question about his performance.



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