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5th International Leadership Awards 2022 held in Malaysia under International Global CSR

LAHORE: International Global CSR (CSR) Held in the last week of December 2022 in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

It was a multi-national program jointly organized by Australia, Pakistan and Malaysia to honor shields and awards by selecting outstanding individuals in various walks of life.

CSR Chairperson Australian Pakistani Mr Syed Zeeshan Hashmi specially visiting from Australia bejeweled the program and also played an important role in organizing the program. Chairperson Ms. Shama Iqbal of Malaysia, Director Amber Khan and her colleague Miss Rakhi were the main organizers of the program.

The program was attended by prominent people from the Malaysian Pakistani community and the Malaysian community, especially the business community. The program was started by the recitation of the Holy Quran by Mr. M S Athar Qureshi.

Ali Haider got the honor of reciting Naat Rasool Maqbool. The duties of comparing were performed by two young girls, Miss Mehreen Malik and Manhahil, who were less than 14 years old.

After Naat Rasool Maqbool, on the tune of the national anthems of Malaysia and Pakistan, all the people stood up and welcomed the two anthems politely.

CSR Chairperson Mr. Syed Zeeshan Hashmi was called on the stage for the welcome speech. He thanked all the participants and explained the aims and objectives of his NGO.

In the program, where awards were given to various people, one of them was Master Afzal Hussain, who had the honor of making Pakistan’s first green crescent flag for playing a prominent role in the Azadi Tehreek Pakistan (Presidential Award). The winner was M S Athar Qureshi, nephew of the winner, who was awarded Malaysia’s first Humanterrion Award by CSR.

M S Athar Qureshi has been associated with TTSJ group of companies in Malaysia for the past 14 years and is prominent in palm oil trading and plantation. He is a true patriotic Pakistani and stand with Pakistanis in all kinds of sorrows and sufferings of the Pakistani community.

He belongs to a family that plays a prominent role in Tehreek-e-Pakistan. Athar Qureshi Sahib is of Arabic descent from his father and mother. It belongs to the Banu Hashim tribe of Arabs and is called Ahl Quraysh.

Apart from them, Ms. Zubaydah Khatun, who is playing an important role in promoting Islam among women from a religious and spiritual point of view, is among the personalities who were awarded with the award.

While in other individuals Dr. S. Aslam Khan was honored with the award for his services in the field of education. Ms. Noor Saida was able to receive the award for her outstanding services in the field of medical aid

Dr. Faisal Anis was awarded for his outstanding services in Covid-19. Certificates were also distributed to different people for organizing the program in a better manner.

Ambassador of Cuba was presented with a gift of Pakistani Culture Award by CSR. The award recipient was felicitated to the special beat of the drum. In the end, the participants and guests of the program were treated to Pakistani and Malaysian mix food.

It was a first of its kind event in Malaysia where the Pakistani community as well as the Malaysian community were awarded with awards and shields.

The program was attended by Malaysian rising Pakistani actor Anwar Baig, who had the honor of making the first Punjabi film in Malaysia, along with Dato Muhammad Sunny, CEO of Education Plus, Muhammad Sajid Bhutto.

Basharat Ali Mr. Azim, Chaudhry Nisar Farooq Malik Dato Muhammad Jameel and Khurram Abbasi Muslim League leader and others also participated.



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