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NC heading fast towards PFF elections

LAHORE: FIFA appointed NC is heading fast towards towards PFF elections.The registration process of clubs under the ‘Pakistan Football Connect’ program is underway in the country.

The registration has been operational for the last two weeks. Till now, 2,826 clubs  have applied for registration in the ‘Pakistan Football Connect’ program while 1500 clubs have been responded and  provided with the required information.

Upon completion of the verification process applicant clubs will have direct access to the Pakistan Football Connect program portal.

727 applications have been received from clubs of Punjab, 643 from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 651 from Balochistan, 567 from Sindh, 98 from Capital, 86 from Azad Kashmir and 74 from Gilgit Baltistan 74 have become part of the registration process.

PFF Normalisation Committee spokesman said, “The keen interest in the registration of clubs has shown that the football community can now work together in an organized manner for the promotion of the game.”

He further said that this process would determine the actual structure of the Pakistan football club and with this, they will be able to show its presence to the world. “The PFF Normalisation Committee is trying in the best way possible to complete the election process as this is one of the main mandates of the NC.

Besides conducting the Pakistan Football Federation elections in a free, fair, and transparent manner, it is also part of the NC mandate to hold the activities of the national football teams and engage them in activities in and outside the country.”



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